Common Metals Used in Crafting Of Sideway Cross Necklaces

sideways cross necklace

What are some of the metals that are used on the Sideways Cross Necklace’s?

Sideway cross necklaces are available in different array of metals. While crafting sideway cross, usually valuable metals are part of designs and settings. The metals used for crafting sideway cross necklaces are alloys of different precious metals. In the past, silver and gold were the common elements for making jewelry, the 20th century revolutionize the jewelry industry, providing you with lots of options to choose from.
Sideway cross necklaces are now available in many variants like Gold, Sterling Silver, platinum, crystal, etc. Here are some common materials used in making sideway cross necklaces.

Sterling Silver

Silver is known to be popular for all kinds of jewelry. Although in its purest form, silver is tender and easily deformed. So the best solution is to use other metals with silver to obtain desired hardness and colors. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver with other metals like nickel or Copper; nevertheless it’s impossible to find Silver or Gold with no copper content. In case if you decide to go with a sterling Silver variant of sideway cross necklace, make sure to polish it once in a while. Although, it may remove negligible amount of silver each time, but it’s worth maintaining shine of your necklace.


Gold in its purest form measures 24 carat, although for the same reason as Silver, it can’t be used in its purest form; it’s too soft to use as a metal for crafting jewelry. Gold sideway cross necklaces are often crafted by alloys of Gold and Silver or Gold and Copper, its purity is measured in carats. Sideway cross necklaces are largely available in 10 and 14 carats. So in case, if you are planning to get one for yourself or as a gift to loved ones, make sure to check for its quality.


It’s precious, beautiful and one of most hypo-allergic metal used for crafting sideways cross necklaces. It’s also most valuable and heaviest of all, Sideway cross crafted in platinum are 90% to 95% pure. Silver and gold in their purest form are very tender; silver even tarnishes excessively if not cleaned at regular intervals. But that’s not the case with Platinum; it’s hard and immune to environmental conditions. Platinum sideway cross necklaces may not be very popular for the time, but it’s definitely an excellent choice for your necklace collection. The best part of the platinum sideway cross is that it never gets scratched so easily and can be easily polished with no loss of the metal.


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Significance of Sideway Cross Necklaces



Sideways Cross Information

For ages people chose to wear jewelry featuring symbol of a cross, from a plain cross pendent with an amazing and elaborated cross with gold, diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones, cross jewelry includes necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. Nowadays, jewelers are taking cross jewelry to a new heights that include the latest trend of the sideway cross necklaces.

When the side cross necklace first hits the market, people had some concerns regarding the orientation of the cross as its scared and the foremost symbol of Christianity. However, frankly speaking, it’s unique, beautiful and depicts an artistic view of faith. While some people take it just as a fashion accessory without much symbolic context, there are plenty of interpretations of sideway cross necklaces.

The Sideway cross, attached to a chain has different meanings depending upon your thoughts, beliefs or religious orientation. Here are few compelling reasons to try sideway cross necklaces.

Symbolizing the Ideal Way to Live a Life

It symbolizes the ideal way to live our lives. It reminds us to live every single day to fullest, at the same time contribute to the society. Standing cross represents the sky and its vastness, whereas sideway cross symbolizes Earth; the holy abode where we begin our journey to live and perform all kinds of deeds. The message is loud and clear, we mustn’t forget the ground realities and consider every life equally important, be it a rich or poor, man or women.

Hardship of Life and Human Willpower

Another viewpoint is that it symbolizes Jesus carrying the cross on his shoulders, representing the hardships of life and human will to tackle the odds. We must not forget; life isn’t just about happiness or luxury, it’s about overcoming pain and grief, it’s not about conquering others, it’s about conquering our minds and ego. Many will just try to search for an easy route to escape when the time is tough, while others find their way right through the mid and achieve unimaginable feats.

As a fashion trend

Following the latest fashion trends, plenty of people try sideway cross necklaces even without any association with religion. People love sideway cross for its eye-catching asymmetry and classical looks. Believer or non-believer, religious or atheist; many accepts and adore sideway cross necklaces for beauty and charm rather than a religious emblem.

To sum up, sideway cross necklaces combines spirituality with fashion and might be a great addition to your jewelry.

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What Does A Sideways Cross Mean?

Kourtney Kardashian Sideways Cross

Meaning of Sideways Cross

Jewelries have always been popular even in the past. But today, more people are very fond of jewelries primarily because it has become more accessible and there are also cheaper types of charms today. More and more unique designs are being made to address the demand. Necklaces are among the most popular types of jewelry and there are also a variety of styles and designs. Recently, many are buzzing about this necklace design where there is a cross that is placed sideways.

Kourtney Kardashian Sideways Cross

This is not really a new design since this symbol has been used for many years as seen in many flags and symbolism’s in other nations. But it was just recent that a sideways cross is becoming widely used in necklaces and other jewelry types. A lot of people are wondering what the sideways cross necklace really means? The cross is a respected symbol in Christianity because it represents Christ’s sacrifice for the human race. The use of a cross in a sideways fashion has sparked some controversies among Christians.

Why are Sideways Cross Necklaces So Popular?

The popularity of a sideways cross necklace actually goes both ways. There are both positive and negative feedback regarding this product. The sideways cross necklaces became very popular because there were many Hollywood celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian who wore these.

This video below is a fellow YouTuber explaining information about the Sideways Cross necklace:


What kind of design is the Cross Necklace?

Many attribute this design to the Nordic Flags like that of Finland, Sweden and Denmark where the cross is also placed horizontally along the lines of the flag. Many artists say that this is simply their artistic interpretation of faith, and people should not associate a sideways cross necklace to an upside down flag.

denmark flag looks like sideways cross necklace

Another sideways cross necklace meaning is that it represents EARTH , the human race. The horizontal orientation of the cross means that humanity is positioned right in the middle of heaven and hell. This makes it a neutral symbol. Some people say that wearing a sideways cross necklace means that you have found yourself in this lifetime; And that you are grounded here on earth. There are also people who believe that the sideways orientation of a necklace symbolizes Jesus Christ carrying the cross. There are really many designs to choose from so there is a lot of artistic meaning behind it.

The horizontal orientation of the necklace connotes that Jesus Christ has actually risen and that the cross has already been laid down to signify that humanity has been saved.

Sideway crosses are even engraved in tombstones and graves to symbolize resurrection of the soul. The true meaning of the sideway cross will depend on the person who is wearing it. Most people wear it for the sense of fashion and not because they would want to preach about religion.

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