Celebrities Love Sideway Cross Necklaces

selena gomez sideway cross

Sideway Cross necklaces seem to be getting huge response from the public and celebrities alike. Wearing a sideway cross is especially popular among women; as it attracts more attention to the neckline. Being such a hot item, we all love the hype in Hollywood with Sideway Cross necklace that is continuously trending upwards. It’s fascinating how actors and actresses wear an item and the very next day it appears on the cover of fashion magazines. Sideway Cross looks great on everyone; it’s a unique way to show your faith in an artistic manner. Although some people might object on the orientation of cross, it’s pretty hot among fashion market. With the craze of Sideway Cross necklaces continue to trend higher, celebrities wearing it are no exception. When the crowd notices their favorite celebrities wearing sideway cross necklace, everyone wants to grab one immediately. Let’s have a look over some of the eminent celebrities spotted wearing sideway cross necklaces:

Selena Gomez

selena gomez sideway cross

An impressive singer, actress and a fashion designer; she always has something new to impress the crowd. Being in music & the entertainment industry since the age of 15, her fashion sense had been imitated and idolized by the people of all ages, that includes her choice of jewelry. Sideway cross necklaces are one of her most noticeable piece, she is often observed wearing sideway cross necklace in day to day life including high profile events, tours and formal occasions. This proves that sideway cross isn’t just your everyday casual wear but also perfect for formal occasions.

Kourtney Kardashian

Necklace of Kourtney Kardashian

Starting her acting career from “One life to live”, Kourtney is a prominent American personality and model. She has been wearing a sideway cross necklace since the birth of her son and was recently spotted taking a walk wearing yellow sideway cross necklace around her neck.

Cheryl Stephanie Burke

Cheryl Stephanie Burke

Cheryl Burk a popular American model, dancer and TV host, best known for her performance in “Dancing with the stars”; a dance competition TV series. She was the first female to win the show and the first contestant to be victorious twice. Check her pic of wearing sideway cross necklace at the sight of “Dancing with the stars”.

Lucy Hale

lucy hale necklace

Remember Aria from the popular TV series “Pretty little liars”, that’s Lucky Hale. She isn’t just some of your pretty faces of the television world, but one of the most beautiful figures in Hollywood. Her fashion sense is flawless, but it’s her jewelry style that takes the credit. It’s intriguing how a simple plain Sideway cross necklace adds to her beauty and charm.

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Buy Your Very First Sideway Cross Necklace


We have finally hit the point where religious symbols are no longer precisely bound to their actual association. The current trend of sideway cross necklaces is an indication of what is about to come. So when was the last time you heard your favorite celebrities wearing these necklaces around their neck?

May be a couple of weeks back, or a month depending on how good of a follower you are. Joking aside, sideway cross necklaces are hot trend of the year, so why not try it and witness the amazing beauty of yours by standing in front of a mirror. What’s blocking you to get your hands on your very first sideway cross necklace? May be you aren’t interested? But again, maybe you are, but got no idea where to start? Well, for the people who genuinely wanna grab this attractive String with a sideway cross, here’s what you can do.

Shopping in real world

If only you weren’t that absorbed in your social life, I mean the time you spend online off course. You would know, plenty of Jewelry stores out there waiting for you to be explored. Step out of your room; take a walk to your nearest jewelry store, ask for all kinds of sideway cross necklaces. You would definitely find a wide variety.

From a simple crystal to premium platinum sideway cross with gold chain, don’t hesitate to try a few before making a decision; it won’t cost you a penny. Finally, pay your bill, wrap your necklace, take a receipt, say goodbye to the nice shop owner and return home with a smile.

Shop Online

Well, if you are too busy to step out of your house or don’t wanna grab too much attention of your sweet neighbors; online shopping suits you well. But can you purchase jewelry online? Of course, yes, when every business is busy cashing online opportunities, jewelers aren’t that fool to limit their business within a physical shop. Initially people did hesitated shopping jewelry online, but the scenario is changed now.

You can surf hundreds of jewelry stores, explore a variety of sideway cross necklaces, choose one you like and simply pay with your credit card. The best part of shopping online is the discount. Yes, you can get discount up to 20% or even more during festive seasons.

On the flip side, you won’t get the feel of trying 10 to 15 necklaces before finalizing the purchase. Once you complete the payment, you will receive your necklace in a few hours or days depending on their delivery period; just be patient.

But what if you don’t like the necklace?
Well, you also have the option to refund and start the process over and over again. Check out some of these awesome online stores to buy your very first sideway cross necklace; Netaya, Amazon, Jewelry.Com, Tiffany & co, eBay are just to name few, man more waiting are for u.

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