Where Can I Buy A Sideways Cross Necklace?


Places you can buy the sideways cross necklace:

I have found several places where you can buy the sideways cross necklace. Take a look at this link https://www.etsy.com/market/sideways_cross.

It looks like there are hundreds if not thousands pictures with celebrities! I really like this sterling silver cross ring it is a Cubic Zirconia Sideways Cross Ring in 92.5 Sterling Silver.

This trendy ring is stamped with a 925 to guarantee 100% silver with no nickel, pewter or leek used. The silver is solid and highly polished with a professionally smooth finish. There rings are handmade here in Canada.

I mean the whole deal beside this jewelry is trend. Who knows how much longer this fashion trend will hold on in the industry. I have seen lots of celebrities wearing these sideways cross necklace’s. They are used to market products through their social media networks. Kim Kardashian has over 60 million followers on Instagram. She and her sister were the ones that got this trend up and running.


I guess it depends what your style really is. Some people get into religious beliefs about these cross’s and start arguments with believers. People need to relax and take a chill pill! THIS is a fashion accessory people, there is no need for arguments or sac religious beliefs about one another. If you like the necklace buy it!! if not than … You can always settle for a regular necklace.

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