Significance of Sideway Cross Necklaces



Sideways Cross Information

For ages people chose to wear jewelry featuring symbol of a cross, from a plain cross pendent with an amazing and elaborated cross with gold, diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones, cross jewelry includes necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. Nowadays, jewelers are taking cross jewelry to a new heights that include the latest trend of the sideway cross necklaces.

When the side cross necklace first hits the market, people had some concerns regarding the orientation of the cross as its scared and the foremost symbol of Christianity. However, frankly speaking, it’s unique, beautiful and depicts an artistic view of faith. While some people take it just as a fashion accessory without much symbolic context, there are plenty of interpretations of sideway cross necklaces.

The Sideway cross, attached to a chain has different meanings depending upon your thoughts, beliefs or religious orientation. Here are few compelling reasons to try sideway cross necklaces.

Symbolizing the Ideal Way to Live a Life

It symbolizes the ideal way to live our lives. It reminds us to live every single day to fullest, at the same time contribute to the society. Standing cross represents the sky and its vastness, whereas sideway cross symbolizes Earth; the holy abode where we begin our journey to live and perform all kinds of deeds. The message is loud and clear, we mustn’t forget the ground realities and consider every life equally important, be it a rich or poor, man or women.

Hardship of Life and Human Willpower

Another viewpoint is that it symbolizes Jesus carrying the cross on his shoulders, representing the hardships of life and human will to tackle the odds. We must not forget; life isn’t just about happiness or luxury, it’s about overcoming pain and grief, it’s not about conquering others, it’s about conquering our minds and ego. Many will just try to search for an easy route to escape when the time is tough, while others find their way right through the mid and achieve unimaginable feats.

As a fashion trend

Following the latest fashion trends, plenty of people try sideway cross necklaces even without any association with religion. People love sideway cross for its eye-catching asymmetry and classical looks. Believer or non-believer, religious or atheist; many accepts and adore sideway cross necklaces for beauty and charm rather than a religious emblem.

To sum up, sideway cross necklaces combines spirituality with fashion and might be a great addition to your jewelry.

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