Common Metals Used in Crafting Of Sideway Cross Necklaces

sideways cross necklace

What are some of the metals that are used on the Sideways Cross Necklace’s?

Sideway cross necklaces are available in different array of metals. While crafting sideway cross, usually valuable metals are part of designs and settings. The metals used for crafting sideway cross necklaces are alloys of different precious metals. In the past, silver and gold were the common elements for making jewelry, the 20th century revolutionize the jewelry industry, providing you with lots of options to choose from.
Sideway cross necklaces are now available in many variants like Gold, Sterling Silver, platinum, crystal, etc. Here are some common materials used in making sideway cross necklaces.

Sterling Silver

Silver is known to be popular for all kinds of jewelry. Although in its purest form, silver is tender and easily deformed. So the best solution is to use other metals with silver to obtain desired hardness and colors. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver with other metals like nickel or Copper; nevertheless it’s impossible to find Silver or Gold with no copper content. In case if you decide to go with a sterling Silver variant of sideway cross necklace, make sure to polish it once in a while. Although, it may remove negligible amount of silver each time, but it’s worth maintaining shine of your necklace.


Gold in its purest form measures 24 carat, although for the same reason as Silver, it can’t be used in its purest form; it’s too soft to use as a metal for crafting jewelry. Gold sideway cross necklaces are often crafted by alloys of Gold and Silver or Gold and Copper, its purity is measured in carats. Sideway cross necklaces are largely available in 10 and 14 carats. So in case, if you are planning to get one for yourself or as a gift to loved ones, make sure to check for its quality.


It’s precious, beautiful and one of most hypo-allergic metal used for crafting sideways cross necklaces. It’s also most valuable and heaviest of all, Sideway cross crafted in platinum are 90% to 95% pure. Silver and gold in their purest form are very tender; silver even tarnishes excessively if not cleaned at regular intervals. But that’s not the case with Platinum; it’s hard and immune to environmental conditions. Platinum sideway cross necklaces may not be very popular for the time, but it’s definitely an excellent choice for your necklace collection. The best part of the platinum sideway cross is that it never gets scratched so easily and can be easily polished with no loss of the metal.


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